From Mild to Wild We have a Tour for Everyone!

Jeep Adventures:

Mogollon Rim RunMogollon Rim RunTour Info - Click Here

Sedona’s favorite Jeep trail! Take a scenic ride up a 120 year-old wagon trail to the edge of the Colorado Plateau. $59!

Rim Run SupremeRim Run SupremeTour Info - Click Here

Sedona’s favorite scenic Jeep trail and beyond! Start your tour off with our popular Mogollon Rim Run, then continue deeper into the back country for a chance to get away from it all. $99!

Vortex TourVortex ExperienceTour Info - Click Here

Journey with us to some of the more ‘off the beaten path’ Sedona Energy spots.  Explore the possibilities, the history, and the various cultural beliefs surrounding these mysterious areas.  $79!

Archaeology TourArchaeology TourTour Info - Click Here

Walk in the footsteps of the ancient tribes as you journey back centuries to explore extensive Native American ruins, including 36 pit houses and petroglyphs.  HIKING TOUR  $99!

Outlaw TrailOutlaw TrailTour Info - Click Here

Spectacular panoramic views of Sedona’s Western canyons. Ramble through the rugged rolling hills of Sedona’s historic ranch country, and explore ancient red rock arroyos. $99!

Outback TrailOutback TrailTour Info - Click Here

Roll along the base of the Red Rocks on this ‘not too rough’ off road adventure. Learn about the geology, history, and ecology of this magnificient land! Great for sunset!  $69!

Custom Private ToursCustom PrivateTour Info - Click Here

Go where you want to go. With the extensive training and experience of our Sedona Jeep tour guides, and the rugged capabilities of our state-of-the-art Jeeps, we can create any Sedona Jeep tour experience for you.


Diamondback ExtremeDiamondbackTour Info - Click Here

Truly a thrill ride for the adventurous. Climb through Indian lands, deep canyons and witness breathtaking sunsets. $79!

Seven CanyonsSeven CanyonsTour Info - Click Here

Explore the western canyons of Sedona. The Seven Canyons Jeep tour ventures into the Dry Creek Basin area, surrounded by seven of the most scenic canyons is Sedona.  $69!

Outlaw Trail + Horseback RideOutlaw Trail + Horseback RideTour Info - Click Here

Enjoy views of the western canyons and red rocks on your jeep tour. Then saddle up for a true cowboy experience on a historic working ranch as you ride horseback above Sedona’s beautiful Oak Creek and Wine Country.  $169!

Wine TourWine TourTour Info - Click Here

Arizona is developing an international reputation for fine wines. This delightful tour includes sampling vintages at 3 wineries. Option with one winery and jeep tour available.  $99!

Wildlife SafariWildlife SafariTour Info - Click Here

Venture into the wilderness with us for a chance to see elk, deer, turkey, coyote, fox, bobcat, black bear, insects, snakes and more!  $119!





Ultimate Grand Canyon


Ultimate Grand Canyon!

Tour Info - Click Here

Bottom of the Grand Canyon

 Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Tour Info - Click Here