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Arizona Safari Jeep Tours

Jeep Tours & Off-Roading in Sedona, AZ

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FROM $109 | 2.5 HOURS

Experience our most popular Jeep tour on this ride along Mogollon Rim that continues deeper into the backcountry for a chance to get away from it all!


FROM $89 | 2 HOURS

Roll along the base of the Red Rocks on this ‘not too rough’ off-road adventure and learn all about the history and geography of Sedona’s magnificent landscape!


Arizona Safari Jeep Tours offers a variety of excursions to explore this wonderful land. Our tours range from mild to wild all, of them scenic and exciting. We have a tour for everyone!

Go on a rugged off-road adventure into the Western canyonlands, climb the scenic beauty of the Mogollon Rim, or experience the magic of a Sedona’s famous Vortex energy.

Explore the amazing red rock formations and the secrets they hold. How will the vortices empower you? Come experience the natural side of Arizona!



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Great Outlaw Trail Tour!

Took the Outlaw Trail through the rugged rolling hills of Sedona's historic ranch country. Our guide was very knowledgeable and had a great appreciation for the beauty of Sedona. He was also very conscious of litter prevention on the trails. Plenty of room within the jeep. The four of us highly recommend this hometown company. Enjoy!

– Judy C. | Tripadvisor
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A Wonderful Experience!

This was definitely a highlight of our stay—and most of the thanks goes to our guide, Captain Jack. He made the tour so much more than we expected. He was an educator, and it showed. Arizona Safari Jeep Tours is also locally owned and most of the other tours in Sedona are not!

– Valerie N. | Tripadvisor
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Wonderful Scenic Tour!

The scenery was magnificent, and our tour guide was a hoot! Our driver/guide took that jeep over terrain that I was sure we would bottom out on - but we didn't. She took the big bumps slowly, so did not jostle us more than necessary. Lee knew the territory very well, and pointed out many fascinating details. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!

– Diane R. | Tripadvisor
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Great Vortex Tour!

This was an excellent tour that covered a lot of ground and had great information! JC brought science and other tidbits to the tour, which was awesome to see how the spiritual, scientific, and historical all flow together/combine! There was humor and enough time at each place to be able to feel and get into the experience. Loved this tour!

– Molly R. | Tripadvisor
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Off-Roading with Wyatt!

We had a fun, informative, and wonderful tour with Wyatt as our guide. He shared the legends, history, and geology about Sedona with us and helped make our tour very enjoyable. He was very courteous, friendly, and professional. It was a pleasure to take the tour and enjoy Sedona's natural beauty.

– Jaylin B. | Tripadvisor