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It started as a dream to share this special place with people from around the world. Now in 2023 we’re celebrating 20 years that Arizona Safari Jeep Tours has been taking people of all ages into the Sedona Back Country for fun and adventure!

Arizona Safari Jeep Tours offers a variety of excursions to explore this wonderful land. Our tours range from mild to wild all of them scenic and exciting, We have a tour for everyone!. Go on a rugged off road adventure into the Western canyon lands, climb the scenic beauty of the Mogollon Rim, or experience the magic of a Sedona’s famous Vortex energy. Explore the amazing red rock formations and the secrets they hold. How will the vortices empower you?  Come experience the natural side of Arizona!

Why choose Arizona Safari Jeep Tours? Sedona’s Jeep tours are world-famous, but only Arizona Safari Jeep Tours retrofits our Jeeps for ultimate safety and comfort in this remote, rugged countryside. They are driven by some of Sedona’s most experienced tour guides. Our Guides will share their knowledge about the History, Geology, and Mystery of this marvelous land,  leaving you with a personalized experience you will never forget!

Arizona Safari Jeep Tours’ guides are the cream of the crop, recruited for their extensive backcountry experience and knowledge of Sedona. They will instill in you their enthusiasm and appreciation for the areas extraordinary ecology. From the Sonoran Desert to the red rocks to the pine forest of the Colorado Plateau, you will see, touch, smell and learn all about the wild beauty of Northern Arizona and the Southwest.

Arizona Safari Jeep Tours custom builds our highly specialized vehicles for your personal safety and comfort. All of our Jeeps are 2003 and newer, outfitted by true four-wheeling enthusiasts for the ultimate in backcountry performance and preparedness. We spare no expense to equip our vehicles with the best custom off-road suspension systems and wheels. This means a better ride for you and less impact on our forest trails.

You can see Sedona with anyone, but come and Experience Sedona with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours as thousands of others from all over the world have for over a decade!

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Arizona Safari Jeep Tour Guides are the wildlife specialists of Sedona. Learn about the important roles that our different animals play, and what humans should, or should not do to live in harmony with local wildlife. All life is interdependent in a delicately balanced ecology, and some of the greatest harm has been done with the best intentions.

Arizona Safari Jeep Tour Guides teach guests about Sedona’s animal life, plant life, history and geology in hopes that you will get a glimpse of the extensive and intricate web of life in which we all live, and gain an appreciation of and respect for each role in the environment. Part of that respect is our No Trace ethic: take only pictures, leave only footprints.

In the case of Jeep tours, we make every effort to leave the most insignificant “footprint” possible. (If you haven’t already done so, read About Our Jeeps to find out how the set up of our Jeeps leaves the least amount of impact on the roads.) We Tread Lightly.

Tread Lightly is a mantra of responsible outdoor recreation. It is also the name of a respected and growing non-profit organization for promoting responsible outdoor recreation. To leave a good impression, you need the right information. Through education and restoration, Tread Lightly empowers generations to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. By increasing public awareness and encouraging responsible outdoor practices, the great outdoors will be accessible, open and well preserved for years to come.

Tread Lightly provides educational materials about all types of outdoor recreation, including useful and practical tips for everything from camping to boating to four-wheeling. Visit their site at

Travel and recreate with minimum impact

Respect the environment and the rights of others

Educate yourself–plan and prepare before you go

Allow for future use of the outdoors–leave it better than you found it

Discover the rewards of responsible recreation

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