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If you are like me, and I think I am like most people, you probably thought the only place to take a Safari tour is in Africa. Well guess what: we are both wrong! Because right here in Sedona there is an amazing group of people who run Arizona Safari Jeep Tours. There are so many things that impress me about these people and these tours, I don’t even know where to begin.

First, there is a very good reason why Arizona Safari Jeep Tours should be on your Sedona to do list. They simply have the best tours with the best jeeps for the best all-around experience. Their jeeps are the only tour jeeps in Arizona that are retrofitted for ultimate safety and comfort in this remote, rugged countryside. Arizona Safari Jeep Tours is the only tour company that custom builds their vehicles. They are all 2003 and newer and outfitted by true four-wheeling experts which means you need to be ready for the ultimate in adventure and excursions. They have the best off-road suspension which means no bouncing around and feeling like you are about to fall out. Just the open air that allows you to get up close and personal with all the tours have to offer including the Sonoran Desert, the famous Red Rocks and the pine forest of the Colorado Plateau. On an Arizona Safari Jeep tour you will be able not just to see all of these wonders but to touch, smell and learn all about the wild beauty of Northern Arizona and the Southwest.

The variety of tours offered by Arizona Safari Jeep Tours is unbelievable. Something for everyone! Here are just a few for you to check out:

  • Mogollon Rim Run

    This is the most popular tour and after you take it you will know why. You will take a scenic ride up a 100-year-old wagon trail to the edge of the Colorado Plateau and you will eventually climb 2000 feet. During this climb you will cruise through Bear Wallow Canyon, pass through three different ecological life zones and see Snoopy Rock, Merry-Go-Round Rock, Munds Mountain, Mitten Ridge, Wilson Mountain, and more.

  • Archeology Tour

    I have to admit I personally find this fascinating! On this tour you get to explore Arizona’s Native American Ruins and walk in the footsteps of the ancient tribes. It is like taking a journey back in time allowing you to explore extensive Native American ruins, including 36 pit houses and petroglyphs.

  • Outlaw Trail Extreme

    This is the perfect tour for all ages. A classic high dessert trail with spectacular panoramic views of Sedona’s Western Canyon Region. Rugged rolling hills and ancient red rock arroyos will help you see what Sedona looked like 100 years ago.

There are also Safari Jeep Tours that will take you to gold mines, the famous vortexes, canyons and even a ghost town. Morning and evening tours are the best for wildlife viewing.

Have I mentioned the guides? Please, let me say a word about the guides! These gentlemen know their stuff! They are enthusiastic and have extensive knowledge of the Sedona area. So, when they are giving you a tour you are getting the real deal. They bring so much more to the table than driving a jeep. Their wealth of knowledge includes wildlife conservation, biology, geology, anthropology and game/range management.

That all bodes well with the appreciation of ecology that Arizona Safari Jeep Tours believes in and promotes. Because part of their philosophy is that learning about nature will inspire people to appreciate and protect nature. No huge carbon footprint here. No sir! You will learn it is possible to explore nature without harming it and why that is important.

You can check it all out here: So sit back and let someone else do the driving on a mild or wild wonderful excursion! There is no better way to see the real Sedona and learn about its history. Why wander around looking for answers when you can be driven by a guide who has all the answers?

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