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Summer is finally upon us and if you are looking for a great time of year to visit Sedona this this it! Warm days and cool nights make for a perfect environment to take in all Sedona has to offer. With average day temperatures in the 90’s and evenings cooling off to the 60’s there could be no better weather for a summer vacation or just a weekend trip.

Have you ever wanted to hike the Red Rocks and experience their healing energy? Do you like wine tastings, live music, horseback riding and film festivals? If so Sedona needs to be on your vacation bucket list. If Sedona isn’t on your vacation bucket list then you need to add it…NOW.

There are some awesome things you can do anytime in Sedona including experiencing nature in all its glory via jeep tours, hiking, horse back riding and kayaking down the Verde River and the amazing Summer weather makes them all the more enjoyable. Take in a summer sunset in the desert like you have never seen before. There is no better place to welcome the Summer Solstice.

Aside from the everyday treats Sedona has to offer, Summer is jammed packed with special events including the Winemakers Horseback Trail Ride, movie premiers, art exhibits, live music and open mic nights. You can also enjoy special yoga and mediation sessions for stress relief and healing that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Have a teenager that you are never quite sure what to do with when you are on vacation? No worries! Sedona has a Teen Club Scene at Sound Bites Grill every Tuesday in the summer for teens 15 and older. If you have younger children there is a Kids n Kritters Summer Camp for kids 7-11 years old. Your kids will love interacting with dogs, cats, birds and more. They can have their fun while you have yours.

Don’t forget Sedona has some wonderful restaurants, cafes and bars where you can try local wines and cuisine. Socialize over coffee in the afternoon and some Arizona wine in the evening. Feast on tantalizing food and then burn the calories off the next day on a hike. There is serious eating and drinking to be had in Sedona.

And probably the most fun experience you can have while you are in Sedona, would be an awesome jeep tour adventure with Safari Jeep Tours. Check them out here:

Most of the United States had a long, cold winter. Why not cast off those snowy chains of 2015 once and for all by heading for some Arizona sun, dry heat and adventure? You will leave with some wonderful memories, new experiences and adventures and a big check mark on that bucket list.

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